One of the best ways that parents can help their children succeed in school is to be involved in their education

Parent/Home Communication

To keep parents informed, each Family will have a “WEDNESDAY FOLDER.”  The school’s weekly newsletter and other pertinent information is put into that folder and sent home each Wednesday.  Two formal, in-person parent-teacher conferences are held each school year in October and in May.  A written mid-year report is also available for the younger students.

Stone Path Montessori School

Parents are a crucial piece of the puzzle in helping the child achieve success in his/her education

Parents are urged to develop a continuous line of communication with their child’s teacher via phone calls, meetings, emails, and notes throughout the school year.  Your child’s education is a team effort between school and home.  Basically, good communication involves meeting with the teacher, being a positive and courteous partner in your child’s learning, and keeping the lines of communication open in various ways throughout the year.