Children have a tireless interest in manipulating materials when learning


The Montessori curriculum is based on research and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.  It is designed to spark interest and create in children the joy of learning.  Children explore concepts and develop skills at each level of understanding that prepares them for more complex lessons at the next level.

Maria Montessori teaches a childs to explore math concepts

Dr. Montessori’s principals of education were developed through intense observation of children.  She observed that all children progress through stages of development or formative periods.  Each stage builds and expands upon the previous one.

Dr. Montessori also believed that children develop most successfully when they are offered freedom to choose their activities within a structured environment.  They should also be provided with hands-on experiences and allowed to work until their needs are satisfied.  The role of the classroom teacher is to nurture the development of the whole child, and not focus solely on academics.  Education must help children in their development and prepare them for their future.  Children become productive members of society by learning how to adapt to a changing environment, becoming independent and responsible for their actions, and handling situations that arise in constructive ways.

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