Welcome to Stone Path Montessori!!!

Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you to the official Stone Path Montessori website!  Our GALLERY links have been updated so you can see first hand what we’ve done: projects and school upgrades.  Also, this website will provide you information about who we are, what we offer, and other useful resources related to the Montessori method.

In the meantime, this is an exciting time and you will hear many people talk about the transition from preschool to Kindergarten.  As parents, you can play an active role with your son or daughter’s transition to kindergarten by doing the following:

  • becoming knowledgeable about your child’s strengths and nurture them
  • being available to talk about your child’s goals and issues and specifically how they relate to your son or daughter’s situation
  • start to transfer the responsibility for managing their needs, successes, and decision-making to your son or daughter
  • encourage, support and follow through

I look forward to working with your son or daughter.  Stone Path Montessori is here to provide the highest quality preschool education so please do not hesitate to contact me at (907) 688-6998 or (907) 854-9463.


SPM Director


July 22, 2011: The Seattle Tribune article – Montessori School participates in Model United Nations

July 21, 2011: New York Times article – Montessori Advantages in Early Education

July 5, 2011: Watch 1:10 min. video clip - Montessori Preschool Activity to practice with your child

June 21, 2011: Watch 3:59 min. video clip - Practical Life-Pouring Water

Sept. 14, 2010:  Watch 5 min. video clip - The Importance of Outdoor Play by Mom Life

Sept. 13, 2010:  Read Article - Separation Anxiety: An Age-by-Age Guide by Parenting.com

Sept. 9, 2010:  Watch 5 min. video clip – Maria Montessori: Her Life and Legacy

Sept. 6, 2010:  We have finished our projects and our school is finally open.  Thank you for your patience during the building construction and repairs and hope your child will enjoy the cozy Montessori preschool we’ve created.  We will continue to make improvements throughout the year.