Class Placement

Toddler Program

Currently, we have two classroom placement options; Toddler and Primary. In our toddler program, we place 18 mo -3 yr old children. Here, children are taught how to interact gracefully with their peers through sensorial activities. The development of social grace allows children to acclimate to the environment of educational instruction.  Once the child reaches the Primary level, they will be more receptive and capable of the self-management required for their success.

Stone Path Montessori Education

Primary Program

Children who are 3-6yrs old are placed in the Primary Program. At this level, children continue to develop social grace, self-management, and how to receive complex instruction. Additionally, all children in the Primary Program will work on reading and writing on a daily basis. Constantly working towards literacy, children will be preparing to enter kindergarten with a familiarity of how to be instructed and prompted in the classroom.