Here’s what parents are saying:

Stonepath Montessori School Testimonials“Stone Path Montessori has been a transformative space for our son Emery.  He has learned how to work collaboratively with others, to identify and pursue his passions, and to work with intentional pride and independence to develop skills and knowledge needed to be mindful, connected, and engaged with the world around him.  Ms. Kate possesses unique sensibilities to bring out the best in all of her students.  She is dedicated to their growth on profound and fundamental levels and children learn from her by example.  Through immersion in Stone Path Montessori, Emery has learned how to cultivate sustained attention and to be acutely perceptive of the world around him.  In our fast-paced, chaotic, and sometimes superficial world, Stone Path Montessori is a peaceful haven for my son to truly be able to hear and articulate his own voice and understand not only the foundations of his own personhood, but that of the larger, connected, community of children he learns and plays with each and every day.  Stone Path Montessori also affords Emery the unique opportunity to learn about and interact with the natural world in order to understand that we are all part of a larger whole.  We are so thankful that this kind of education exists for our son so close to our home and in the greater Eagle River community!

Mary Richards, Active Parent since 2010